Possibility of Implementing Participatory Budgeting in the Kingdom of Bahrain

  •  Maram Al Maskati    


This research aims at providing a general overview about participatory budgeting as well as providing a study on the possibility whether participatory budgeting can be implemented in the kingdom of Bahrain. The research was conducted with the assist of primary data as well as secondary data. The primary data consists of a survey distributed to 52 samples as well as an interview performed at the Ministry of Finance in the kingdom of Bahrain. The secondary data revolved around some previous studies as well as the assist of published books and the World Wide Web. The research analysis stated that people would love to see participatory budgeting being implemented in the kingdom. Finally, the author reached a conclusion stating that participatory budgeting can’t be implemented in the kingdom at the mean time but it could be possible in the near future by starting the execution gradually in one of the five governorates in the kingdom with the assist of the Municipal Council which was appointed by the citizens. The author also suggested for participatory budgeting to be taught in schools as well as integrating an online tool to solve the problem of participation through the e-Government Authority.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.