A Simple Multiproduct Multimachine Production Planning Model

  •  Boudjelal Boukaabar    
  •  Mohamed Kheireddine Dellil    


Business models of production management and planning have known an important development. Whether it is M.R.P, Kamban or JAT, these planning methods of production require the mastery of the information system. Unfortunately, seldom does such system exist in small and medium size businesses. Sometimes, sophisticated systems based on these methods of production planning were acquired by companies that could afford them only to discover in the end that these systems were not usable because they require a certain level of formation and competence of the human factor, which level is nonexistent in small and medium enterprises and even in larger enterprises in developing countries. Could a more flexible planning system not requiring the existence of an information system too rigid and which can be run by less experienced agents be developed? This article answers this question in the affirmative.

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