Impact of Macroeconomic Policies on the Ghana Stock Exchange: A Cointegration Analysis

  •  Samuel Antwi    
  •  Xicang Zhao    
  •  Ebenezer Fiifi Emire Atta Mills    


The study examined the impact of fiscal and monetary policy actions on the stock market in Ghana. In pursuing this, the researchers probed the inter-temporal interaction between macroeconomic policies and stock market activities in Ghana and investigated the efficiency of the stock market with respect to fiscal and monetary policy information. It was found that, both from common correlation analysis to recent econometric modeling; indicate fiscal policy actions have significant effects on stock market activities and not the other way round. In addition, there is a unidirectional causal effect of fiscal policy actions on stock market activity. It was thus concluded that the fiscal policy actions do matter in the activities of the stock market. The study recommends that government must synchronize its fiscal policy actions with activities in the stock market among others.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.