The Impact of Information Technology on Knowledge Management Processes - An Empirical Study in the Arab Potash Company

  •  Sattam Allahawiah    
  •  Hisham Al-Mobaideen    
  •  Kafa al Nawaiseh    


This Study aims to identify the impact of IT on Knowledge management processes in the Arab Potash Company, to achieve the goals of this study a questionnaire were developed for the purpose of Data Gathering, The study sample contained (336) respondents, A group of results were reached; Mainly the following: there is an impact of IT in using Knowledge as a dimension of Knowledge Management processes in the Arab Potash Company, this explains that the Company was keen to employee technology in most of its business to achieve work speed and getting the proper information using modern machines and networks achieving its goals, the dimensions of technology explains (48.7%) of the variation of Knowledge Management processes. The study recommended the need for Potash Arab Company to take the role caring about the properties dimensions of IT, and emphasize it as it can improve performance, Employee Satisfaction, and improve the level of Knowledge employment, and the importance of getting employers and users involved in the process of designing Information System and developing it; as it carries a lot of importance in self-satisfaction, and it build a management philosophy and organizing method supports the implementation of Knowledge Management by the top management, also provides a level of the top management commitment in the embodiment of Knowledge Culture among the workers, developing their skills, and provides a strategically vision with a clear monuments to the organization and its goals.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.