Testing the Effect of the Supply Chain Management Implementation on Business Performance: An Empirical Study

  •  Inda Sukati    
  •  Abu Bakar Hamid    
  •  Rohaizat Baharun    


Nowadays, Business is more challenging. Many of the companies increase their focus on creating the best value to the targeted customer. The center of business concern is to provide valuable product or services which can meet the customer need. The main purpose of this research is evaluating the business performance through SCM implementation in Malaysia manufacturing industry. A total of 248 respondents were selected by using purposive sampling. The data were analyzed to find the relationship between business performance and the implementation of supply chain management. Reliability and validity tests also employed. The research findings indicate significant correlation between SCM implementation and business performance. Based on the findings, strategic recommendations are proposed to implement the SCM for the manufacturing industry in Malaysia.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.