Examining the Use of Hofstede’s Uncertainty Avoidance Construct in a Major Role in Ethics Research

  •  Julia D. Davis    
  •  Richard A. Bernardi    
  •  Susan M. Bosco    


This research focused on research in the Journal of Business Ethics (hereafter JoBE), International Journal of Value Based Management (hereafter IJoVBM) and Teaching Business Ethics (hereafter TBE) that used Hofstede’s uncertainty avoidance construct (hereafter UA). We identified research that used Hofstede’s UA to significantly contribute to the development of hypotheses, to construct an independent variable or as an independent variable. Understanding how UA has been used could provide opportunities for future research that increases our understanding of differences in international behavior and/or perceptions. The data indicate that of the 77 articles, 66.2% used UA strictly to construct hypotheses, 5.2% to construct alternative cultural indices and 28.6% as an independent variable.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.