An Integrated Framework for On-line Viral Marketing Campaign Planning

  •  Patrizia Grifoni    
  •  Alessia D’Andrea    
  •  Fernando Ferri    


Over the years Internet marketing has become the primary tool for marketers to deliver information to consumers. It includes a mix of methods (m-marketing, social networks, viral marketing etc.) to create awareness for the company’s brand, products and services. This paper, in particular addresses the on-line viral marketing method. In particular it provides a theoretical framework involving elements and actors important for the planning of an on-line viral marketing campaign. The framework presents four different phases of the analysis. The first phase involves the analysis of the company, its business context and the knowledge of the type of on-line viral marketing campaigns already done (both internal and external). In the second phase objectives and target are defined. On considering the third phase this includes the message creation and the selection of useful tolls to use. Finally in the last phase the implementation of the on-line viral marketing campaign is carried out. Each of these phases is caracterised by different actors involved in the different processes.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.