Financing and Management of Higher Education: Evidence from Jordan

  •  Emad El-Sheikh    
  •  Osama Mah’d    
  •  Mahmoud Nassar    
  •  Husam Aldeen Al-Khadash    


This research provides a better understanding of the way for financing and management of higher education in Jordan. The study aims at describing the finance and management methods in Jordanian HE. The private universities in the world were also described in terms of their financing and management method. The Research uses archival documents, observations, and reports in order to accomplish the study objective. The findings emphasize that Jordanian HE is one of the most developed higher educational systems in the Middle East countries. There is much competition in the private HE, this motivates to research the best ways of management and financing for this sector. Worldwide, there is a trend towards private HE. While, world wide private universities depend on tution fees, they receive government subsidiaries. In Jordan, private universities are mainly financed by student tuition fees, and they do not receive any subsidies from the government. Therefore a proper budgetary system might facilitate the need for effective management of university resources and decision-making.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.