Improving Customer Service in the Banking Industry-Case of Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB)-Ghana

  •  George K Amoako    


Customer service has become so vital and significant to consider especially in the financial business sector whether locally or globally. As banks continue to provide an increasing number of financial services and products, they face the challenge of integrating these disparate systems into a coherent, efficient infrastructure, while delivering the highest level of customer service and convenience without exposing their customers to the bank’s internal system integration problems. However, banks in Ghana especially Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) needed to improve and formalize its customer service and public relations programs. A descriptive research method was used to gather data from the respective target population. Customer service at GCB from the customers’ perspective is not satisfactory but has led to the increase in number of new customers, maintenance of existing customer and increase in profitability among others.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.