Comparative Analysis of the Impact of Advergames on Cultural Outcomes in the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia

  •  Alaa hanbazazah    
  •  Pro.Carlton Reeve    
  •  Mohammad Abuljadail    


Advergames represent a new advertising concept that uses internet technology to implement viral marketing campaigns. This study aimed to conduct a comparative analysis of and impact of advergames on cultural outcomes. This cross-cultural study investigated the impact of advergame on the cultural differences and similarities between the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia. Participants from both Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom were invited to complete a questionnaire. The sample consisted of male and female participants from all age groups. According to the findings, most of the Saudi Arabian respondents responded neutrally to considering cultural values within advergames. By contrast, the majority of the United Kingdom participants agreed that they were indifferent to the culture projected by the advergame characters. The findings also confirm the implementation of better strategies for games that consider the different cultural aspects of different countries. Notably, these findings suggest that visual familiarity can influence consumer behavior across cultures. We expect our findings to be used in future research that examines cultural outcomes in advergames.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.