Learning Human Resources and Applying it to Real-Life Situations

  •  Thanakit Ouanhlee    


This study aimed to demonstrate some parts of human resources management, more specifically, to show the application of knowledge in human management and real-life situations. The research explores some aspects of human resources analysis, including enterprise management, fundamental analysis, planning, and monitoring. This analysis demonstrates the integration of knowledge in real-life situations after successfully learning the Human Resources Management (HRM) program. In this case, it tends to critically demonstrate how an individual can apply knowledge from learning HRM to perform their daily tasks. It discusses the previous development of HRM processes and how it has evolved in modern business management. Also, the analysis elaborates on the basic understanding of HR resources for non-HR managers and the application of knowledge in real-life situations, research projects, entrepreneurial businesses, and large corporations. Effective managers must demonstrate efficient skills since they play fundamental roles in business, such as recruitment, employee training, and performance appraisals. Therefore, they must incorporate excellent communication, analytical, organizational, and managerial skills. Furthermore, this analysis highlights HR managers' practices and processes, including employment policies and technology, to enhance employee commitment and work efficiency.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.