The Gender Gap in Senior Management: What Is Holding Saudi Women Back?

  •  Munirah Sarhan Alqahtani    


This research study reviews Saudi women in the top management and how they could have the potential to contribute to economic growth and can help to improve the public status and image of Saudi women. This study is highly important because it comes at a time when the Saudi government has plans to encourage the development and advancement of women to be empowered and participated in decision-making. The research study aims to facilitate the advancement of Saudi women to senior management positions by offering practical recommendations based on an understanding of the real-world challenges and practices that can hinder as well as help the advancement of Saudi women. This aim assesses the barriers facing women in becoming executives in the Saudi banking sector and evaluates the effectiveness of strategies that women use to overcome barriers to advancement into the Saudi banking sector. Finally, the research found that  gender discrimination, cultural beliefs and  lack of empowerment can hinder Saudi women from reaching senior management positions in the Saudi banking sector.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.