Political Orientations of Governments and Renewable Energy

  •  Ünal ARSLAN    
  •  Tuba YILDIZ    


This article empirically examines the relationship between the orientation of political powers and renewable energy in 21 developed countries from the period 1960–2018 using the panel ARDL approach. The political tendencies of the governments in developed countries are tested through three models that are created for this study. According to the first result obtained from the empirical study, a positive and statistically significant long- and short-term cointegration relationship is observed between left-leaning governments and renewable energy. It appears that it is essential to have strong environmental movements in the period of left-oriented governments in achieving this result. Second, a long- and short-term cointegration relationship is found between central governments and renewable energy. Finally, there is no statistically significant relationship between right-oriented governments and renewable energy in the short and long term.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.