Reflection of Customers’ Preference for Offline Shopping amid Covid-19: A Post Vaccination Analysis in Bangladesh

  •  Muhammad Abdus Salam    
  •  Sheikh Marufa Nabila    
  •  Tonmoy Dey    
  •  Fatema Chowdhury    


The Covid-19 pandemic has created enormous challenges for civilization as almost every aspect of life, including food production, economic activities, health security, education, entertainment, and global exchange, is affected. Modern human civilization has never experienced such an outlandish situation before. Consequently, pandemic fear notably has influenced consumers’ perception and buying behavior. This study aims at understanding consumers’ shopping behavior after getting vaccinated and the mediation effect of vaccination on shoppers’ perception to resume offline shopping during the covid-19 outbreak. Conducting an extensive field survey among different levels of adults in Bangladesh, using the Partial Least Square method, this research found that the pandemic fear is a minor factor in continuing offline shopping if a proper vaccination process is ensured. The findings of the study have momentous theoretical, methodological, and practical contributions to the research area and researchers will be able to understand how vaccination mediates the relationship between different social and economic dependent and independent variables.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.