Opportunities and Advantages of Agricultural Reform and Opening up in Guinea

  •  Barry Ben Youssouf    
  •  Tan Cun-Feng    


Guinean agriculture has important assets that offer many opportunities to accelerate growth and create sustainable jobs in the agricultural sector. This potential has the ability both to ensure the food self-sufficiency of the Guinean population and to generate significant export revenues, especially thanks to the opportunities and advantages that pave the way for profitable investments because reforms bring added value. Identified as a priority growth sector along with those of energy and mining, agriculture has recently begun a trend towards diversification with the revival of several agricultural sectors. This vision is based first of all on a national situation of peace and prosperity supported by justice and solidarity between the various components of the Guinean nation, with a public administration at the service of agricultural development, characterized by values of good governance, a human capital conducive to the emergence, a national wealth equitably shared between the different socio-professional strata and between the territories of the nation, a sustainable living environment favorable to current and future generations and a significant and unanimously recognized contribution to the positive transformation of Guinean agriculture towards the rest of the world. It is in this logic that we demonstrate the opportunities and advantages of reforming and opening up agriculture in our country.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.