Mediation Effect of Knowledge Sharing Quality on Employee Creativity

  •  Dimitry Doronin    
  •  Shen Lei    


Employee creativity requires knowledge sharing, according to many experts. What aspects of the knowledge sharing cycle encourage employee creativity? In this study, authors examined three factors, i.e., ‘opportunity for exchange (OFE), value anticipation (VA), and motivation to engage (MTE)’, that influence the production of intellectual capital (as antecedents) and its effects on employee creativity (as outcomes) through knowledge sharing (KS) and quality of knowledge sharing (QKS: as mediating mechanism). To test the hypothesized relationships, Mplus was used to analyze 371 Russian IT employees. The findings suggest that OFE, VA and MTE are important antecedents of both KS and QKS. Moreover, KS and QKS mediates the relationship between antecedents (OFE, VA and MTE) and outcome variable (employee creativity). Theoretical contribution and future research are discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.