Research on Black-Litterman Index Enhancement Strategy——Based on the Ledoit-Wolf Compression Estimation Method to Optimize the CSI 500 Index Enhancement Strategy

  •  Huixian Zeng    
  •  Jinguang Zeng    


Financial risks may often lead to significant losses. A reasonable capital management model can prevent financial risks and enhance financial services to the real economy. The Black-Litterman model can reduce risks through asset allocation. This paper uses the Black-Litterman model to construct an enhanced strategy applied to the CSI 500 Index, and selects the backtest from December 1, 2019 to December 1, 2021. Through the strategy backtest, it can be found that: whether it is considered or not Transaction costs, using analysts’ consensus target price as the input point of view of the BL model, can provide excess returns for the index enhancement strategy under relatively stable conditions within the sample interval, and improve the sharpness ratio, information ratio, maximum drawdown, etc. Within the risk-return parameters.

In order to solve the problem of model instability and extreme values of configuration weights in the first step, this paper adjusts the covariance based on the Leodit-wolf compression estimation, thereby optimizing the exponential enhancement model. The backtest results showed that although the volatility and maximum drawdown of the optimized enhanced index model increased slightly, it showed a higher excess return rate and information ratio. Therefore, the BL model optimized based on the compression estimation method can make the model applicable to a wider range, and can be extended to large-scale assets and multi-asset allocation, so that investors have more choices in quantitative investment strategies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.