The Impact of Job Stress on Employee’s Performance at one of Private Banks in Egypt during COVID-19 Pandemic

  •  Ashraf Elsafty    
  •  Lydia Shafik    


Job stress is a universal element that is not only encountered in every individual but also in every organization regardless of its size. Especially, bankers who are under a good deal of stress because of the nature of their work. Stress could result in a decrease in employees’ performance, productivity, quality of labor, and high turnover rate, in addition to some health problems like anxiety, depression, and headache. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the perception of employees of one of the private banks in Egypt and their performance in the presence of job stress in the uncertain period of the coronavirus pandemic. The literature review defined the job stressors which are role ambiguity, underutilization of skills, and work overload. Similar studies have been also mentioned for the impact of job stress on employees’ performance in different countries. A descriptive research design was conducted using a survey questionnaire that is distributed among the employees of the bank in all departments and the collected responses were 51 respondents that were taken from a total population of 1,100 employees. The questionnaire is divided into two parts; the demographic profile and the questions related to variables under study. Descriptive statistics are used and the study revealed that the job stressors “role ambiguity and underutilization of skills” has no impact on employees’ performance in the banking field in Egypt. However, it is found that work overload has an impact on employees’ performance and even more in the covid-19 era. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.