The Extent Green Marketing Has Been Embraced in the Construction Industry - Employee Perspective in Zimbabwe

  •  George Hove    
  •  Thomas Rathaha    



The purpose of this research was to examine the awareness of employees about green marketing, the initiatives taken by contractors and the challenges encountered in implementing the concept in the construction industry in Zimbabwe.


The study was quantitative using an explanatory research design with the study population limited to construction companies registered with CIFOZ. A sample of 182 executives representing construction companies completed the questionnaire. The data were analysed using STATA version 12.


The findings showed a positive awareness in employees to green marketing in the industry and a positive perception of practices as evidenced by the construction employees. However, there are challenges in the implementation of green marketing, including a lack of green standards.

Contribution and value add

Based on employee perspectives, a conclusion was reached that green marketing has been embraced in the Zimbabwean construction industry, and there are green marketing initiatives undertaken by the construction companies in that country. The results of this study contribute to the body of academic knowledge, hence the theory base that was used to drive this study could be amended as a result of the insights from the study.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.