The Financial Performance on Asset Quality of Insurance Industry in Egypt (Panel Data Analysis)

  •  Salah Mohamed Eladly    


This study is an attempt to analyze the  impact of the financial performance on asset quality of insurance industry in Egypt as  applied on a sample of 19 insurance companies over the period 1999-2019.The financial performance measured by profitability (return on equity-return on investment) and liquidity results show that there is a significant negative linear relationship between the independent variable in terms ofX3, and the dependent variable; y, at a significant level less than (0.01), while there is no significant linear relationship between the independent variable of X1,X2, and dependent variable; y at a significant level greater than (0.05) . The study methodology used panel data analysis according to ARDL model and OLS, beside the robustness check supports these results using the Jarque-Bera test and the Durbin-Watson test statistic

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.