Digital Leadership: The Perspectives of the Apparel Manufacturing

  •  Mohammad Alam Tareque    
  •  Nazrul Islam    


The prime objective of the research was to determine how the apparel manufacturing sector is embracing digitization and its leaders are preparing for the digital age? so we wanted to find out what type of leadership style is needed for digital leadership. The present study used a sample of 50 RMG companies. We investigated relationships between three variables, Internet od Things, use of digitization-automation, use of smart phones and apps. Further, the variables’ influence on digitization has been assessed through multiple factors leading to digitization by allotment of weightage for each factor. The findings in this paper supports two variables; use of automized digital machines and internet of things being significant whereas, use of smartphones and apps is insignificant. It implies that preparation for leading in the digital age remains limited which require change oriented leadership behavior at all levels. Limitations of the paper include the data which is specific to Bangladesh RMG industry, therefore it cannot be generalized, further the economic meltdown due to COVID-19 pandemic might have influenced the results. The paper’s prime contribution is based on the assessment of predictor variables and their influence that it makes in providing leadership in the digital age which demand change oriented behavior of leaders.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.