Work-Life Balance Constructs and Job Satisfaction: Evidence from the Palestinian Investment Sector

  •  Muna M. Khoury    


With the continuous evolution of globalization and the increasing technological openness between all countries worldwide, employees’ awareness about the quality of life and balance between work and life matters has constantly been escalating. Although a tremendous body of literature internationally exists on Work-Life Balance and Job Satisfaction, yet previous scholars across the Palestinian context have not connectedly addressed these terms. Both Work-Life Balance and Job satisfaction matters have been recently getting more focus than expected due to the fast-forwarding life cycles and the continuous obnoxious and inferior political and economic situation that faces every person, family, society, and company in Palestine, which have a significant influence on the productivity and performance of both the Palestinian organizations and employees. The focus of this study is on the measurement of work-life balance and job satisfaction of employees and the exploration of the relationship between both terms at different Palestinian companies in the investment sector while exploring the critical working issues and personal life matters among employees with further examination on how the concept of WLB might affect job satisfaction. This study's key contribution is to highlight this relationship among the Palestinian organizations and thus be further addressed and considered across all Palestine and in other developing countries with similar political and economic threats, especially after having this relationship positively correlated by the current research results.

The study was conducted on 502 employees from 7 different investment companies in Palestine. The statistical tests that were processed and the interference relationships tested confirmed a positive relationship between the three constructs of Work-Life Balance and Job Satisfaction.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.