Investigation the Relationship Between Supply Chain Management Activities and Operational Performance: Testing the Mediating Role of Strategic Agility-A Practical Study on the Pharmaceutical Companies

  •  Majd Mohammad Omoush    


This study has been conducted to investigate the relationship between the supply chain management (SCM) activities and operational performance through testing the mediating factor strategic agility in (16) pharmaceutical companies listed on Amman stock exchange in Jordan Which is considered one of the most important industrial sectors, where the nature of the work and the problems faced in the performance of supply chain were identified the reasons for the delay of the logistical orders of raw materials they need from suppliers, and found that there is a missing link between partners and is the proportion of obtaining the necessary information from suppliers to complete operations Streamlined and easy production. In terms of identifying the activities of supply chain management as the most important factors supporting the best practices of SCM in pharmaceutical companies (i.e. Alliances with suppliers, Customer Relation Management, Logistic, flow Information and knowledge sharing). The study population consisted of all the executives and directors of departments, sections and employee specialized in SCM in pharmaceutical companies, and a simple random sample was chosen from pharmaceutical companies to conduct a field survey using a tool, a questionnaire, of which 150 were distributed and 139 were retrieved. In addition, a number of statistical techniques have been used for data analysis; such as statistical analysis package for Social Sciences (SPSS) and AMOS, which depends on Structure Equation Modeling approach because of the presence one variable, as well as for the reason of examining the importance of the track. Based on the results of the statistical analysis, it was concluded that there is an impact of the independent variable managing the supply chain on operational performance, but in terms of the intermediate variable, the results showed that the relationship is partial in terms of the strategic agility variable through Path Analysis.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.