Open Innovation and CSR, Determinants in Logistics and Performance in Commercial SMES

  •  Luis Enrique Valdez-Juárez    
  •  Elva Alicia Ramos-Escobar    
  •  Gonzalo Maldonado Gúzman    
  •  José Alonso Ruiz-Zamora    


The purpose of this article is to examine the effects of open innovation and corporate environmental social responsibility on logistics and performance that is manifested in SMEs. The research is based on a sample of 101 companies located in the Guaymas Sonora region located in the Northwest of Mexico. The data collection was carried out in a period between September and November 2019, with the support of a structured self-directed survey of the company manager. For the analysis and validation of the results, the statistical technique of structural equation modeling (SEM) based on variance through PLS (Partial Least Square) has been used. The results indicate that open innovation and environmental corporate social responsibility have a significant influence on the logistics processes of SMEs, and that logistics is also a business practice that allows to increase Performance. The work contributes to the development of the literature and theory of dynamic capabilities and sustainability.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.