Business Simulator as a Business Teaching-Learning Strategy

  •  Melissa Velasco-Saltos    
  •  Juliana Mesías-Vargas    
  •  Patricio Medina-Chicaiza    


This research proposes the use of business simulators as a business teaching-learning strategy in the Business Administration Degree in a Higher Education Institution in Ecuador. The problematic situation that is evident is that the modules or subjects related to business negotiation are dictated in a theoretical way, but an adequate practical teaching process is not carried out, which triggers a deficit in the development of skills adjusted to the academic performance of the students and future professionals. For the elaboration of the content, documents in Spanish and English were registered in databases such as Springer, Scopus, Scielo, Web of Science, Redalyc, EBSCO among others Interviews and direct observation were also used, with which evidence was found under the use index of the technological tool. Finally, 5 stages were proposed for the elaboration of the strategy: diagnosis, preparation, planning, execution, evaluation, and control.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.