Capital Market Performance as a Panacea for Economic Growth in Nigeria

  •  Akpokerere Othuke Emmanuel    
  •  Okoroyibo Eloho Elizabeth    


The paper examined capital market performance as a panacea for economic growth in Nigeria from 1986-2016. A number of related literatures have shown that the Nigerian capital market variables studied has satisfactory market performance and has contributed to economic growth. Yet some researchers observed that the capital market has not significantly mobilized and effectively channeled substantial capital to the real sector of the economy. What could have been the reason for the divergences? The study was anchored on the demand following hypothesis. Secondary data were sourced from Central Bank of Nigeria Statistical Bulletin and Nigeria Stock Exchange fact-book of various editions. The paper adopted the ex-post facto research design while ordinary least square regression techniques was used to process the data gathered using E-views 9.0 software. The null hypotheses (Ho) were tested at 5% level of significance. The findings of the paper revealed that there is negative and insignificant relationship between capital market and the variables studied. The paper conclude that liquidity of the capital market is pivotal for economic growth in Nigeria while the study recommended that all tiers of government should be encouraged to fund their realistic long term developmental program through the Nigeria capital market.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.