Rural and Urban in Vietnam Economic Structure

  •  Nguyen Hong Nhung    
  •  Nguyen Quang Thai    
  •  Bui Trinh    
  •  Nguyen Viet Phong    


Vietnam is an agricultural country with a "wet rice" culture. In recent decades, in addition to the achievement of relatively high economic growth, the implementation of poverty reduction, there seems to be the trend of simple "industrialization and modernization" almost in all localities of country. Vietnam instead of using forte be cultivated and raised in tropical agriculture into workers and townsman’s in an unprepared way. When Vietnamese people's strengths are not used and promoted, they have to try or be forced to use their weakness. So, the failure is almost inevitable.

This study aims to examine the change in the level of interactions between the agriculture, forestry, fisheries and rural sectors with other sectors in the economy and urban areas based on structure of the input - output table has been updated for Vietnam in 2016 by Vietnam Institute of Development Research (implemented 2018 under a Project of Vietnam Union of Science and Technique Associations VUSTA).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.