Microfinance Institutions: It’s Role in Palestine Economic Development

  •  Sharif M. Abu Karsh    
  •  Anan Y. Deek    


Microfinance is a tool for state poverty reduction and addition in number of these institutions are the support solution which brings overall improvement in the reconciliations. The current research study investigates the impact of these MFIs towards the development of economic condition of the state. The current study aims to explore more about MFIs, economic development with the support of past counts, as well the direct and indirect benefits associated with the MFIs. Data was collected from primary and secondary sources (Mixed strategy) for creating the more rigor and objectivity under working the positivist paradigmatic approach. This study highlights the major economic problem exists in Palestine is related to poverty. Additionally, micro financing is the term associated for the development of these barriers that impacts as a hindrance for any of the economy growth level. The results of the study show that the small level micro-financing is the best resource for the economic stability as well development.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.