Ability of School Teachers to Manage Asthmatic Attacks Among School Going Children in Jordan

  •  Mariam M. Kawafha    


BACKGROUND: Chronic asthma has been characterized by recurrent episodes of wheezing and breathing. However, the frequency and severity of the disease vary from one person to another.

PURPOSE: The study aims to assess the ability of school teachers for providing appropriate mediation for the students, who suffer asthmatic attack at school.

DESIGN: The study has incorporated descriptive cross sectional quantitative research design to investigate the capability of school teachers in managing asthmatic attack among children.

METHODS: Teachers from primary schools have been recruited by using cluster random sample, and a structured questionnaire has been used for data collection. The data acquired from the questionnaire was analyzed using SPSS version 20.0.

RESULTS: The results showed that the teachers lack awareness about asthma and unable to manage students with asthma. None of the teachers had received educational conference or workshop about asthma.

CONCLUSION: The study has concluded that the level of knowledge of school teachers regarding asthma is limited and not satisfactory; and teachers are also unable to take care for students with asthma.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.