The Effect of Using Murottal Quran Therapy on Low Birth Weight Infants

  •  Sri Ramdaniati    
  •  Sri Kusmiati    
  •  Bani Sakti    


The birth of infants with low birth weight in Indonesia is still quite high. This condition largely causes neonatal mortality which is currently ranked the 10th highest in the world. Baby with Low birth weight may have health problems that will influence their life. The current health technology development has been able to improve the resistance of infants, although some previous research has explained that the medical and nursing procedures can cause stress in infants with low birth weight. Stress conditions in infants can lead to excessive use of energy so that it can lose a baby’s weight. Murottal therapy is one form of music therapies that can be used to reduce stress, decrease pain and stabilize physiological conditions such as vital signs and oxygen saturation. This study aimed at knowing the effect of Murrotal Therapy on the weight gain of premature infants. The research design was quasi experiment using pre post test control group design. The sampling technique used was consecutive sampling. 94 low birth weight infants who were being treated in perinatology taken as the sample of this study. Intervention was given for 30 minutes in the morning and afternoon for 7 days in row. The result of the research showed that there was an increase in infant weight that was 72.87 grams in the intervention group and the statistical test results revealed that there was a significant weight gain between the intervention group and the control group (p = 0.023). Therefore it can be concluded that the use of Murrotal Alquran Theraphy gave an effect on the infants’ weight gain, thus it is suggested to use this theraphy as part of nursing interventions for low birth weight infants in perinatology.

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