Preparedness Assessment for Disaster Management Among Dhahran Al Janoub General Hospital Staff During Hazm Storm Support 1436/2015

  •  Ahmed Ali Shammah    


The hospital staff need to be competent to utilize the disaster plan to cope up with an emergency situation. Therefore, the present study has aimed to assess the knowledge of hospital staff of Dhahran Al Janoub General Hospital regarding the disaster management during Hazm Storm Support 1436/2015 in Saudi Arabia. The study has employed quantitative research design to assess the disaster management of hospital staff by recruiting 84 individuals (physicians, nurses, technicians, officers, and housekeepers) from Dhahran Al Janoub General Hospital. A questionnaire was given to respondents to gather information about disaster management. The obtained data was analysed using SPSS through chi-square analysis. The study results clearly depicted that the hospital staff with fewer years of experience had lesser knowledge about the disaster assessment as compared to the experienced employees. There was no statistically significant relationship identified between different job categories in the hospital and the level of knowledge about presence or absence of the emergency response plan. However, there was a statistically significant association found between different job professions and level of awareness regarding presence or absence of hospital command centres. The study concluded that the knowledge of emergency preparedness among the hospital staff was moderate and the hospital staff should participate and seek opportunities to prepare assessment for disaster management.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.