Ultrasound Examination of Gynecomastia Case in Male Patient: Case Report

  •  Puji Supriyono    
  •  Gando Sari    
  •  Nursama Apriantoro    
  •  Win Priantoro    
  •  Samsun Samsun    
  •  Mayarani Mayarani    
  •  Eka Putra Syarif    
  •  Sri Rebekka    
  •  Sri Kartini    
  •  Humala Aditama    


Gynecomastia is hypertrophy abnormality of male’s breast gland soft tissue. In that case, the mammography is difficult to show the malignant masses. The ultrasonography is often useful and really important examination to confirm the diagnosis by showing retroareolar hypoechoic mass and or elevation of hyperechoic on parenchyma gland. Gynecomastia is very rare cases in older man. This case report shows 67 years old patient on compos mentis state, who has left breast enlargement.

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