Health Risk Implications of Terrestrial Gamma Radiation Dose Rate in Central Jakarta, Indonesia: Short Communications

  •  Nursama Apriantoro    
  •  Muzilman Muslim    
  •  Dadong Iskandar    
  •  . Purwantiningsih    
  •  Witri Mulyani    
  •  . Samsun    


Terrestrial gamma radiation dose (TGRD) rate measurement has been conducted around downtown region of Central Jakarta Indonesia. The real time count data was taken 1 m above the ground in eight sub district locations by using a portable gamma Surveymeter of Exploranium GR-135 Plus Model. The reading position was detemined using  Garmin GPSMAP 62s. The average value of TGRD rate of  (47.76 ± 18.24) nSv h-1 ranged from 6.40 nSv h-1 to 120.90 nSv-1, it is higher than Indonesia. The annual effective dose rate of 0.058 mSv. Its  contributes to fatal cancer risk of about  3.22 x 10-5 per year for each individual in Central Jakarta. For the subdistrict TGRD rate value was variated, however all the result is not high enough to cause for alarm.

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