Investigating Organizational Commitment among Medical Doctors, Hospital Nurses and Two Other Professional Jobs: A Systematic Review

  •  Retno Setyowati    
  •  Priyotomo Priyotomo    
  •  Suharnomo Suharnomo    


This article describes the common characteristics of organizational commitment among professional jobs, such as medical doctors and hospital nurse, that have considerable important roles in creating company relationships with external parties. Those who work in these jobs bridge organizations and consumers on behalf of their companies, and are likely to bring in benefits to the development and achievement of organizational goals on one hand, and contrastly, also could be a harmful impact to the organization on the other hand. This study conceptually outlines the characteristics of organizational commitment among lawyers, accountants, and medical doctors. Results reveal some valuable considerations regarding organizational commitment in these professions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.