Evaluation of the Effect of Platelet Mediators to Increase the Skin's Collagen; A Randomized Clinical Trial

  •  Hamidollah Afarsiabian    
  •  Mitra Nourbakhsh    
  •  Majid Sadeghizadeh    


OBJECTIVE: The aim of this paper is to evaluate the effect of platelet-rich plasma mediators on the reconstruction of facial skin collagen by a platelet cream. Additionally, the cream was composited with plasma and some herbal compounds, which carried those factors through the skin. This method as a non-invasive skin will help the skin rejuvenation.

MATERIALS & METHODS: This study is a randomized clinical trial; patients referred to the clinic with positive cases from skin wrinkles along with 20 MHz frequency ultrasound images of their skin faces. All individual enrolled in the study were randomly divided into two groups.

Group A 70cc cream including 60cc basic cream (emulsion of Lecithin and Eucerin) in addition of 5cc platelet-rich plasma and 5ccherbal extracted (Herdahelix, Musk and Genestein) to take a month received. Consequently, instructions for use of this cream is that 2.3g of the cream every night to be affected.

Group B (controls) received 70cc of the cream involving 6cc basic cream (emulsion of Lecithin and Eucerin) along with 10cc placebo (glycerin) that every night 2.3g of the cream to be applied on the face.

After a month increased the amount of facial skin collagen in each group was calculated and compared by ultrasound 20 MHz. In this project compare numerically and in terms of the amount of reflected energy (RE) was performed. In addition, the idea of using plant extracts and platelet mediators to penetrate into the skin was derived from Iranian traditional medicine.

FINDINGS: Statistical analysis of the data collection was done by SPSS 18 software. Further, demographic characteristics including age, sex, occupation, socioeconomic status and education level had no effect on the response to treatment (P=0.221), but demographic indicator of age on response to treatment was effective (P=0.021).

Respond to the treatment (increase the amount of collagen in the skin) in group A and group B equal to 72.91%   and 12.5% respectively. In group A with group B were significant differences in response to treatment, P = 0.000. The only side effect occurred in group A was mild irritation including redness and mild itching, which happened in 2 patients.

CONCLUSION: Employee non-invasive method of platelet cream rebuilds collagen in the skin effectively.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.