The Influence of Three Variables on the Performance of Personnel in the Private Hospital in Indonesia

  •  Muhammad Hafizurrachman    


BACKGROUND: This study aims to look at the effect and its magnitude (value) of the variables: family health history, lifestyle behavior, and work environment on the performance of hospital personnel at the private hospital in Indonesia.

METHODS: Cross sectional methods were used in this study and data were analyzed with the approach to SEM using Smart PLS Software. In this study, all services at the hospital were chosen as the unit of analysis with 87 hospital personnel being selected as the sample. Multistage random sampling was used. The research was conducted from January to February 2016.

RESULTS: The results of the analysis showed the performance of hospital personnel in the private hospital was influenced by all the variables which meant that the theoretical model proposed in this study could be implemented. However, none of the variables in the research model showed critical influence, only 8.12 per cent, when compared to variables outside the model which was 91.88 per cent.

CONCLUSION: This study concluded that the three variables studied were not large enough as variables that could be used for interventions in improving the performance of hospital personnel. Therefore, the hospital management needed to look for other variables as effort to improve the performance of hospital personnel.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.