Perception of the Saudi Community towards Human Papilloma Virus Vaccination in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  •  Ahlam A. Alzahrani    
  •  Nebras AlGhanaim    
  •  Samia Abdulmageed    


To examine the awareness and perception of Saudi community towards Human Papillomavirus Vaccination. A cross-sectional study has examined the perception and awareness of Saudi individuals towards Human Papillomavirus HPV vaccination. A sample of 278 Saudi individuals were included. A close-ended survey questionnaire was employed to collect the data of Papillomavirus HPV vaccination. Around, 78.30% female and male participants were unaware of the availability of HPV vaccination against cervical cancer. 90.06% of females supported cervical cancer screening Pap smear by gynecologist after enduring vaccination. Only, 40.66% visited the gynecologist for screening. Results demonstrated 85.77% female agreed on receiving expensive vaccination. Conversely, 97.48% supported on HPV vaccination free of charge. A lack of knowledge about HPV, Pap smear, and cervical cancer. The data obtained can be used as a standard to devise effective awareness programs. Data was collected particularly from Saudi Arabia for evaluating Saudi community perception. Both males and females were observed to be interested in taking vaccination and prevention initiatives against the cervical cancer, whereas, there is a lack of awareness observed among the males and females included in the study.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.