A Cross-sectional Study on Awareness Regarding Safe and Hygienic Practices amongst School Going Adolescent Girls in Rural Area of Wardha District, India

  •  Abhay Mudey    
  •  Naveeta Kesharwani    
  •  Gargi Mudey    
  •  Ramchandra Goyal    


Onset of menstruation is one of the most important changes occurring during adolescence. In various parts of
India, there are several cultural traditions, myths and misconceptions related to menstruation, which make them
vulnerable to genital tract infections. To understand the perceptions, source of information and status of
menstrual hygiene a cross- sectional study was carried out amongst 300 school going adolescent girls (10- 19 yrs)
in the rural area of Wardha district, Maharashtra, India.
Majority of the girls received the information regarding menstruation from their mothers (41%), followed by
Media (24%) and friends (19%). Of the girls who developed genital tract infections, 66% used cloth. 37% girls
do not disclose about their menstruation. Cleanliness of external genitalia was unsatisfactory. Hence it is
important to educate the girls with scientific knowledge and dispelling their myths and misconceptions thereby
encouraging safe and hygienic practices for safeguarding themselves against various infections.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.