The Status of a Trainee Teacher with Mental Health Problems: Dilemmas on Inclusion and Exclusion in Higher Education

  •  Lawrence Mundia    




The case study reports on a 22-year old female pre-service student teacher pseudo-named P who dropped out of her training programme in Brunei due to psychological problems. Brunei education system has both local and foreign students. For ethical reasons the nationality, ethnicity, and other identifying information of the student are withheld throughout this study. An informal interview and the MMPI-2 evaluation confirmed that P had many severe mental health problems that required a wide range of therapeutic interventions to address. Overall, the present study illustrated how gender, interpersonal relationships, and culture interacted to cause distress for P. In addition the results demonstrated the plight of a tertiary student with mental health problems in a developing country who seemed to be accorded low priority in comparison to peers with other severe disabilities. Moreover, the study also highlighted the importance of psychological assessment in educational counseling and the lack of adequate psychotherapy resources for students with high support needs in mental health. Unless appropriate intervention measures are instituted, the wastage rate among vulnerable students with challenging behaviors might increase in Brunei.



Psychological; assessment; mental; health; counseling; psychotherapy; education.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.