Life Satisfaction Index among Elderly People Residing in Gorgan and Its Correlation with Certain Demographic Factors in 2013

  •  Maryam Chehregosha    
  •  Amir Bastaminia    
  •  Fatemeh Vahidian    
  •  Azam Mohammadi    
  •  Aliakbar Aghaeinejad    
  •  Ensiyeh Jamshidi    
  •  Afsaneh Ghasemi    


BACKGROUND: Aging is a universal phenomenon that will present itself as a dominant social and welfare challenge.

AIM: This study was to examine life satisfaction among people residing in Gorgan and its correlation with certain demographic factors in 2013.

METHODS: A total of 250 elder people were selected for the study through the convenience sampling during 4 months. Data collected through life satisfaction index-A (LSIA). This instrument consists of 5 subscales, including, zest for life, resolution and fortitude, congruence between desired and achieved goals, positive self-concept and mood tone. The Multiple Linear Regression analysis was used in order to determine factors influencing the overall LSIA.

RESULTS: The overall LSIA score was 22.1 ± 7.5 with the maximum and minimum mean scores pertaining to the resolution and fortitude (6.1 ± 2.5) and the positive self-concept (3.1 ± 1.2) subscales, respectively. Level of education, type of living and gender were variables influencing the overall LSIA (P<0.05).

CONCLUSION: Given the overall LSIA, it appears that future plans for this age group should be seriously revised along with cultural plans for promoting reverence for old age in the general public.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.