Concept of Educational Assistance to Health Protection of the Individual

  •  Elena Aleksandrovna Levanova    
  •  Olga Rafailovna Kokorina    
  •  Yuriy Vladimirovich Nikitin    
  •  Tatiyna Vladislavovna Perepelkina    
  •  Polina Anatolievna Segodina    


The article describes the theoretical and practical need for the development of the concept of assistance to health protection of the individual in order to address the problem of health protection of students and teachers in the conditions of a higher pedagogical education. The problem of studying human health, its entirety, systemacity and connection with the environment attracts particular attention in recent years. This was one of the reasons to study the problem of “healthy lifestyle” as the qualitative characteristic of a human life aimed at health, due to the fact that a healthy lifestyle is one of the determinants of health. This is made possible with the use of specific health-protecting technologies aimed at searching for ways and means of protection and conservation of health of students and teachers in the conditions of the educational process and using educational tools, which is currently included into the priorities of education.

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