Iranian Student’s Emotion in Government University in Malaysia

  •  Mehrnoosh Akhtari-Zavare    
  •  Abbas ghanbari-baghestan    


Learning situations in modern society are getting increasingly complex and variable, and learners have to take more responsibility for their own learning. The main purpose of this study was to understand Iranian student’s feelings, who studying in selected Government University in Malaysia.  The study was carried out through three research questions: 1) How do the Iranian student’s feel about life in Malaysia? 2) How these feelings do affects on Iranian student’s educational progress? 3) What are the factors that contributed to these feeling? Due to the nature of study, a qualitative research method and techniques was used to enable the researcher to understand emotion of Iranian student whose study at one of Government University in Malaysia. Data was gathered from interview with 3 Iranian students via “convenience sampling”. “Constant Comparative” method was used for data analysis. Eight major themes (worry, sad, happy and comfortable, socio-culture factors, economic factors, and good relationship and environment facilities) emerged from this study in relation to Iranian student’s emotion in selected Government University in Malaysia. This study concludes that based on the findings, graduated student organization can designed intervention program base on International students’ views in their social, cultural and economical content.

Key word: Student’s emotional, Learning strategy, Malaysia

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.