Acceptance of Disability: Determinants of Overcoming Social Frustration

  •  Elena Morozova    
  •  Svetlana Shmeleva    
  •  Elena Aleksandrovna Sorokoumova    
  •  Vera Nikishina    
  •  Larisa Abdalina    


The article is devoted to the subjective reaction of patients at different stages of disabling disease, in the context of the formation of a specific cognitive-emotional and motivational model of “internal picture of disability”, depending on the severity of social frustration as the most important deconditioning factor. We wanted to identify psychological determinant of the specificity of adaptive activity of the patient to the situation disabling disease, depending on the level of increase social frustration. Nature of adaptation to the disabling disease depending on the level of increase social frustration expressed by: 1) decrease in self-esteem of patient self-efficacy with an increase in subjective experience of disability; 2) the growing tension of personal protective mechanisms; 3) reductions coping competence, which, depending on the rise of frustration, becomes effective instead of the rational-intelligent, more maladaptive emotional.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.