Sexual Satisfaction Concept Analysis in Iranian Married Women: A Hybrid Model Study

  •  Zohre Parsa Yekta    
  •  Firoozeh Raisi    
  •  Abbas Ebadi    
  •  Zahra Shahvari    


BACKGROUND: Sexual satisfaction is considered to be a sexual right and an important component of sexual health. The purpose of this qualitative study was to clarify the meaning and the nature of sexual satisfaction in Iranian married women, and to provide a cultural-based definition of it.

METHOD: Sexual satisfaction was examined in three phases by the Hybrid Model of concept analysis: (1) the theoretical phase; (2) the fieldwork phase and (3) the analytical phase. Hybrid concept analysis method was chosen because its inclusion of married women’s perspectives enriches the limits of sexual health search literature.

RESULT: The critical attributes of sexual satisfaction were investigated. They included ‘two-dimensional structure’, ‘an affective response’, ‘a means to achieve marital satisfaction’, ‘unique’, ‘a concept based on expectations’ and ‘a concept on shadow of values’.

CONCLUSION: The concept analysis of sexual satisfaction showed some of the attributes and antecedents for this concept that, have not been mentioned in the literature.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.