The Relationship between Personality Styles of Sociotropy and Autonomy and Suicidal Tendency in Medical Students

  •  Ahmadali Raeisei    
  •  Azizollah Mojahed    
  •  Nour-Mohammad Bakhshani    


The research aim was investigating the relationship between personality styles of autonomy and sociotropy, and suicidal behavior at Zahedan University of medical sciences’ medical students. This was a descriptive correlational study. The population consisted of all medical students at Zahedan University of Medical Sciences internship period 2002-2003. The number of samples was 102 patients, including 47 males and 55 females. To collect information, the personal style inventory (PSI) with 48 items. Twenty four items to assess sociotropy, 24 items to assess autonomy, and to measure suicide the suicidal subscale (MMPI) with 21 items were used. The two scales had the content validity and for the reliability used Cronbach a. So the reliability of the personality styles is 0.84 and the reliability of the suicidal subscales is 0.83. Data were analyzed using Pearson's correlation methods. The results showed that there is an inverse and significant relation between autonomic style and trends of suicide in men (P = 0.02, r = -0.43), but no association between sociotropy and suicidal tendencies were observed in men. There was no significant relationship between autonomy and sociotropy personality styles and tendency towards suicide in women.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.