An Investigation of the Socio-Economic Status of the Addicts in Lashar and Nikshahr County and Its Comparison With Ordinary

  •  Ahmadali Raeisei    
  •  Azizollah Arbabisarjou    
  •  Azizollah Mojahed    


The world today is threatened by great disasters and catastrophes and one of the greatest of them is addiction. Addiction is a disaster that threatens all age and sex groups. For instance, in our country more than 2% of people are addicted. In this study, two groups of addicted (170) and healthy (167) individuals that had been selected in the systematic random method, were investigated in terms of the socio-economic status. The data was collected through the questionnaire. The average age and education level were 34.8 and 4.22 respectively among the addicted and 31.27 and 6.3 respectively among the healthy individuals. 83.1% of the addicted and 74.7% of the healthy individuals were married. A significant difference was observed between the education level and addiction with the p=0 using the t-test. A significant relationship was observed between the existence of addiction in the family with the p=0 and addiction among friends and addiction with the p=0.0001 and between job and addiction with the p=0.0115 and between addiction and the level of income with the p=0.0065.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.