Evaluation Effect of Shiatsu Technique on Labor Induction in Post-Term Pregnancy

  •  Batool Teimoori    
  •  Shahnaz Rajabi    
  •  Shahin-Dokht Navvabi-Rigi    
  •  Azizollah Arbabisarjou    


Objective: Labor induction in post-term pregnancy is considered as a conventional process of mothers' care. Shiatsu technique is one of the complementary methods which use for post-term pregnancy induction. Therefore, the researchers decided to examine the effect of Shiatsu technique on the induction of post-term pregnancy.

Materials and Methods: This is a randomized control trials which conducted on 288 women with post-term pregnancy who referred to consulting clinic at Ali- Ibn- Abi -Talib Hospital, in Zahedan-Iran in 2010-2011. Participants were selected based on random table. The participants divided into two groups: the first was shiatsu technique and the second group was control group (routine procedure). Shiatsu technique was conducted on the participants of intervention group for 30s on three points by an experienced midwife. The gathered data analyzed by SPSS version 15.00 and comparing tests were t-students tests, chi-square.

Results: Mothers ages range were between 16 to 42yr (mean 26.5-5.7) in shiatsu and 17 to 43yr (mean 24.5-5.1) in control group. Regarding spontaneous initiation of labor, 82 women (56.9%) in Shiatsu group had spontaneous initiation of labor, whereas the number of women was only 12 (8.3%) in control group. Women who have used Shiatsu technique were significantly more likely to have spontaneous labour than those women who did not.

Conclusions: Results of the study showed that shiatsu technique can be used as one of safe complementary methods for post-term pregnancy induction.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.