Hope of Patient Recovery in the ICU From the Viewpoint of Iranian Nurses: Concept Analysis

  •  Mojgan Jahantigh    
  •  Nasrin Rezaee    
  •  Nahid Rezaei    


Nurses’ care quality for patients in the ICU depends on their degree/ level of hope to improving patient, but there is no consensus on the concept “hoping to improve patient.” The purpose of the present study is to analyze the concept nurses hoping to improving patient in the ICU. To analyze this concept, hybrid model is used which consists of theoretical phase, field work phase, and final analytical phase. In field phase work, semi-structured, face to face and individual interviews were done for nurses working in the ICU, and the data gathered from the interviews were analyzed using inductive content analysis. In theoretical phase, the concept hoping to improve patient was characterized by being available, being professional, expecting positively, and being future- oriented. The scientific definition of this concept was explained through properties which are necessary for qualified nursing care. In field work phase, the categories include nursing care, inner feeling, belief and consequences. In final analytical phase, final definition of the concept was explained through properties such as dynamic expectation, being realistic, and being goal- oriented which is a better function and attitude in effective nursing care accompanying peace of mind for nurses. Concept analysis showed that nurse’s awareness of hoping to improve patient helps the nurse do his job in the best way and with peace of mind.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.