Comparing the Perspectives of Managers and Employees of Teaching Hospitals About Job Motivation

  •  Rafat Mohebbifar    
  •  Mohammad Zakaria Kiaei    
  •  Omid Khosravizadeh    
  •  Mohammad Mohseni    


Recognition of career motivators and understanding of managers and employees in prioritizing them, in order to plan incentives for this understanding, can play an important role in increasing productivity and creating harmony between the goals of the organization and staff. This study was done to survey the importance of career motivating factors from perspective of employees and managers in educational hospitals of Iran. In this study 269 from a total of 1843 employees of educational hospitals in Qazvin province of Iran were selected through Quota-Random sampling and studied along with all 49 Managers. Lawrence Lindale questionnaire with 10 factors where used in order to determine motivational priorities. The results indicated that among the 10 studied motivational factors, from employees’ viewpoint; “Good wages”, “Good Working Conditions” and “Job Security” have the greatest roles in motivating employees. In the context of perspective agreement amongst employees and managers, the results showed 20 percent agreement. In this study, results of “Independent T” test showed a significant difference in comparison, between prioritizing employees’ view and prediction of managers in the factors of “Job Security” (p = 0/031) and “Interesting Work” (p = 0/001). With respect to increase disagreement in the views of managers and employees as compared to previous studies, Managers need to pay more attention to cognition of motivational factors and make their viewpoints closer to actual motivational need of their employees. Attention to this fact can be a great help to the growth and productivity of the organization, making the organizational and individual goals closer and also keeping managers safe from execution of constant and undue motivational patterns.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.