Design and Evaluation of Electronic Briefs of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Taleghani Hospital, Tabriz, Iran

  •  Kayvan Mirnia    
  •  taha Samad Soltani    
  •  Mnouchehr Rezaei    
  •  Mohammad Heidarzadeh    
  •  Zakieh Piri    


More than 9 million neonatal deaths are reported through out the world each year happening in the early weeks of life most of which relate to developing countries. Thus it is very important to present a better way to keep the infants healthy which could be possible by accessing accurate information at any time required during hospitalization of infants. Therefore the required data should be collected, stored and analyzed before which is best possible by using computer. The main objective of this research is enabling researchers and clinicians quick access to the data of the babies admitted in NICU. This study involves the stage of developing a system design and its implementation following the evaluation of the electronic records which is done in a query form. By defining the neccessar terminology and designing a data model, the database and user interface are developed by using a programing language and data base tools. Finaly, the system has been evaluated by user satisfaction showing to be about 85% As a result we suggest the hospitals take serious in buying the suitable technology for the NICU ward along with teaching the staffs how to work with it.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.